Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Tiffany Pollard RAGES at Darren Day over his 'bitching'

Celebrity Big Brother

Tiffany Pollard kicked off at Darren Day in the Celebrity Big Brother last night over his 'bitching'.

There was tension in the previously harmonious house when Big Brother stirred things up between the finalists.

In the 'Big Brother Awards', Big Brother played back clips of the housemates' time in the house as they were put forward for various gongs.

One clip saw Darren accuse Tiffany of being attention seeking and fake.

"These cameras see every f**king thing, they see every thing," remarked Tiffany after the clip aired.

"The quiet ones are always the worst!" quipped Stephanie Davis.

"I didn't even know he was talking about me," admitted Tiffany in the bedroom.

"Now I wish we had nominations!" added Stephanie.

Later, Tiffany confronted Darren by shouting across the garden at him: "These motherf**kers want to make all this motherf**king tea and coffee and act like they're your friends when they damn ain't!

"If somebody's got something to say about me, say it to me. I didn't even know you was talking about me, I wasn't even paying f**king attention because I thought we was cool, I thought we was cool."

She continued: "I'm not even upset right now, I'm just shocked and surprised... There's a way to do s**t and there's a way not to do s**t."

"Okay Tiff," replied Darren.

"I am not different by day and by night I am the same ****," she concluded.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight on Channel 5 at 9PM ahead of the final on Friday evening.

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