Stephanie Davis and Tiffany Pollard annoy the other Celebrity Big Brother housemates

Celebrity Big Brother

Stephanie Davis and Tiffany Pollard are seen winding up their fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates in tonight's show.

In the bedroom, Stephanie tells Gemma, “First place I’m going to go is Dublin. I think Jez will wait for me to come out. From what he was saying is that he’ll have a holiday waiting straight for us after the final.” Scotty T advises her to put work first.

In the garden, Scotty T reveals to Tiffany and John that he can’t listen to Stephanie talk about Jeremy, “She wants to know that Jez still likes her; she needs constant reassurance.” Tiffany and John say it’s ‘draining on people’.

Later on and at the dining table, Scotty T has created some homemade playing cards. Stephanie suggests a stripping type card game, John says he will not play and walks away. She comments, “I want to get naked!”

In the bedroom, John tells Danniella that Stephanie is ‘doing his head in’. Danniella advises him not to say anything.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Tiffany reveals to Darren that she feels horny again.

Afterwards, Darren is seen complaining to Danniella about Tiffany, and that he didn’t need to know about how she is feeling, “I don’t want to f**king know. It’s all b*llocks for the cameras!”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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