Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers: Day 28 recap and highlights

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother last night

Celebrity Big Brother

Here are all of the highlights from tonight's latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2016, airing tonight on Channel 5.

Housemates are told that Danniella, Stephanie and Gemma are up for eviction. Stephanie comments, “Surprise surprise! I won’t survive another one!”

In the garden, Gemma says, “Now it comes to going, no one wants to go!” Danniella disagrees and reveals that she wants to go. Gemma says she takes it as a ‘compliment’ that her name is up, as she believes it means that she’s ‘a threat to the other players’.

Tiffany is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about how happy she is about not being put up for eviction, “I feel good! I have to watch someone else sweat on the sofas. I can act like I own the place, which I do, and just enjoy the moment!” She believes that Stephanie will be ‘sweating the most’, and that Scotty T is her biggest competition in the house.

In the living area, Stephanie asks Darren where he met his ex-Suzanne Shaw. He reveals, “We met during Summer Holiday. We were going behind our partner’s backs and my phone was being hacked at the time.” Darren continues, “They called me and told me they have three hours of audio from you and Suzanne, and if we don’t both give them a free interview we’ll put it on an 0898 number. I said I don’t believe ya and he quoted lines; like graphic, horrible, private, personal lines. We then went to see our partners to tell them we have met someone else and have feelings for each other. So she finished with her partner and I finished with mine. We then got in a car and went up to Manchester, and were in hiding for about five days.” Stephanie seems shocked to hear this story. He concludes, “We were together for a year and a half, we got this beautiful boy and at the end of the day it’s all been a happy ending.”

Around the dining table, Gemma reveals that she’s learned from this experience that she doesn’t need as many blow-drys, and is really grateful for her life. Stephanie adds that she has learned she must start doing things for herself and get a grip on tidiness.

In the diary room, John is talking about Stephanie, “She talks about Jez and that situation continually, about wanting to go continually. It’s wearing when one person is so up and down like that.”

Big Brother calls Stephanie to the diary room, where she is asked to assign her housemates to a list of challenges for today’s task. Each housemate will have 15 minutes total to complete their individual challenges.

Scotty T is assigned the challenge of blowing up three balloons until they explode in his face.
Darren has been chosen to open a heavily wrapped parcel while wearing oven mitts.
John will be bobbing for apples in fish sauce and cottage cheese.
Tiffany has to put 10 marshmallows in her mouth which are covered in wasabi.
Danniella needs to separate blue and red sweets using chopsticks.
Stephanie has chosen for herself to thread three needles while wearing a shock suit.

These housemates all passed their challenges.

Gemma is the last housemate to face her challenge which is to break 10 eggs on her head in 36 seconds. After breaking one egg on her head, she refuses to continue. Housemates are not happy.

As Gemma did not complete her challenge, housemates failed the task.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 airs from 9PM this evening on Channel 5.

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