Tiffany Pollard's 'BOYFRIEND' revealed as she talks about bedding Scotty T

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Tiffany Pollard has revealed her hope of bedding Scotty T before the Celebrity Big Brother final... as it's claimed she's hiding a "secret boyfriend".

In a chat with Big Brother in the Diary Room this week, Tiffany said that her "vagina was crying out".

"I don't like to take long d*** breaks," Tiffany explained, saying that Scotty "needs to plant his lips on my lips and insert his tongue into my mouth."

"I am ready, willing and capable of blowing his mind," she continued, "I want him to get it up and then I'll put him down. I want to f*** him, I hope it happens."

However Scotty told Big Brother that he didn't intend to let Tiffany have "a slice of [his] chopper"."

"The Scotty T charms have just worked around her," he said of himself. "She keeps asking for a kiss but I'm like, 'Nah!' But can you blame her?

"I can't be riding Tiffany – that would just complicate things. It's not fair and I wouldn't to it to Megan. I'm not like that."

The constant flirting between the pair has come under attention this week over claims BOTH have partners on the outside.

Scotty is said to have been dating a girl called Francesca while Tiffany has alluded to the fact she's had a long term boyfriend for the past four years.

It's been claimed that the American reality star is dating rapper Aktion LA Jackson, who tweeted: "Does it look like I'm worried about a kiss or 2 or 3 or 8 or 20 or 99 or VOTE for @TiffanyPollard..I think I'm sick?"

However Tiffany's management have insisted that she IS single.

What a mess...

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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