Tiffany Pollard has a VERY enjoyable 'moment' in the Celebrity Big Brother bedroom

Celebrity Big Brother

Sunday night in the Celebrity Big Brother house proved very enjoyable for Tiffany Pollard.

In tonight's show she's seen telling the other housemates about how she managed to relax in the bedroom.

In the garden, Tiffany reveals to Stephanie that she had an orgasm last night in her bed, raving: “It calmed me right down. I couldn’t help it.”

However it doesn't prove quite enough to keep Tiffany's urges fully at bay as she later makes another move on Scotty T.

"He knows if he dips his toe in the ocean that is Tiffany, he’s never gonna return," Tiffany previously told Big Brother in the Diary Room. "I know that Scotty is going to give into the temptation that is me.”

As the housemates party to celebrate Gemma's birthday, in the living area, Tiffany and Scotty T share a few kisses.

But later in the garden, Tiffany is talking out loud about Scotty T, “I gave all the signs, all the hints…He’s a little boy, ain’t a man, as a man would have jumped all over this!”

John joins her in the garden and asks her if she really wants Scotty T, she replies, “I just want to play with him; no I’m not screaming for that.”

Elsewhere in tonight's show, John is seen teaching Darren how to walk in Gemma’s high heels, “Toe first! Put your hands on your hips!”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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