Stephanie Davis opens up about Zayn Malik relationship

Celebrity Big Brother

Stephanie Davis has opened up about her relationship with One Direction's Zayn Malik in a chat on Celebrity Big Brother.

But not everyone is convinced of Steph's story in which she claimed to have been forced to change her mobile number to stop Zayn calling after dumping the uber famous singer.

Recalling how the pair first met when Zayn got a hold of Steph's contact details through a friend, she told the housemates: "He said: 'I'm coming to Leeds this week, would you meet up with us?' And I said 'yeah, but I don't drive so my mum will have to drop me off'."

"We spent about three hours on the phone talking in the first conversation."

Stephanie continued: "I went to Leeds to meet him, and I went to his hotel room, but I thought I'm not that type of girl - to sleep with you straight away, I'll make you wait - so I just ended up kissing him."

She explained how the pair spent all night speaking but added: "he just wanted us".

Stephanie also suggested that Zayn, who left One Direction last year, had wanted out of the band for years.

The former Hollyoaks actress went on to blab to the housemates that she ended up dumping Zayn but he continued to call, eventually forcing her to change numbers.

Those watching the show last night weren't completely buying Stephanie's version of events with one Twitter user quipping online: "So Stephanie had to change her number because Zayn Malik kept ringing and wouldn't leave her alone.

"lol ok"

Meanwhile it's been claimed that despite their break up, Zayn is supporting Stephanie on Celebrity Big Brother this year.

"While he's been away, his friends have been keeping him updated. Now he's back in the country, he has been showing lots of support," a source told the Daily Mirror newspaper.

They added to the tabloid: "When Stephanie started dating Sam, he said he wasn't right for her. Now all of this is happening, he feels for Steph because he knows what it's like to be the black sheep. He knows what it's like for people to take shots at you.

"He really wants everyone to know the real Stephanie and hopes that her true colours are shining through."

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