Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers: Day 26 recap and highlights

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Here's your daily round up of all the latest highlights from Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

It's Day 26 and Stephanie is speaking to John about Danniella, “I’m just bored of it now, I’d rather leave it." John tells her, “I think for the sake of the last six days and for the sake of the house, it might be good if you can air it. If you can just agree to disagree and let it go and not have some big thing.” John then offers to talk to Danniella on Stephanie’s behalf.

John brings up his conversation with Stephanie to Danniella and tells her that she wants to just leave it. Danniella says, “that’s perfect, what an adult way of doing it.”

Gemma is giving words of wisdom to Stephanie, “you and Jeremy will 100%, I’m so sure I’d put ten grand on it, that you will be together. I think you look like his mum.” Stephanie tells her, “he had a little speech ready for my dad. To tell him how he feels. That’s why I woke up smiling, wondering how that went down.”

Danniella approaches Stephanie and says, “let’s leave everything where it is and not talk about it.”

For today’s task, housemates are bound together with locks and chains until further notice. To escape the chains, housemates must correctly guess who received the most and least votes in a series of public polls taken from over 39,000 people. If they choose the correct housemate, the combination will release a key. The more questions they get right, the more housemates they can release from the chain.

The first question is which housemate is the biggest follower. The housemates guess that Darren is the most and Gemma is the least. Big Brother informs them that they are incorrect; Danniella got the most votes and Tiffany the least.

The next question is which housemate is the worst team player. The housemates guess that Gemma is the most and Scotty T the least. They are correct and John is able to release himself from the chains.

The next question is which housemate is the most irritating. The housemates correctly guess that the public think that Stephanie is the most and Scotty T is the least. Stephanie is freed from the chains.

Housemates also free Scotty T by answering that Tiffany is the most entertaining and Darren the least.

Darren jokes, “I haven’t been chained to three girls for years.”

By correctly guessing that John is the most intelligent and Stephanie the least, Darren is released. Stephanie jokes, “I’m gonna go to night school after this.”

Gemma, Danniella and Tiffany are talking about their secret crushes. Danniella says Michael Buble, but Gemma tells her “too cheesy for me.” Danniella also says she has a crush on Zayn Malik and Justin Bieber. They then quiz Stephanie about her relationship with Zayn. She reveals that she ended it with him.

Housemates are called to the combination lock for the final time. The housemates correctly guess that the public think that Gemma is the most of a game player and Darren is the least and therefore Gemma’s chains are removed.

Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas and informs them that the freed housemates have won a takeaway dinner. Tiffany and Danniella, who were unsuccessful in unlocking themselves, will remain chained together until further notice.

Big Brother gathers the housemates and tells them that yesterday a fundamental rule, not discussing nominations, was broken on several occasions.

Big Brother informs housemates that today’s task is over and Tiffany and Danniella can unchain themselves.

Gemma tells the other housemates, “don’t put anyone in a position where we talk about nominations, because if none of us had done it that wouldn’t have happened.”

Darren is talking to Stephanie about his past, “when I did rehab in 2001 they told me I had six months to live if I carried on taking it in the quantities I was taking it. I came out of rehab and was using within three days and I carried on until the end of 2005. Then a few years ago I got told if you drink again it will f**cking kill you and I carried on drinking.”

Stephanie and Danniella are clearing the air. Danniella apologies and says that Stephanie is “crazy” if she thinks she doesn’t care about her.

At midnight, some of the housemates sing happy birthday to Gemma who is turning 35.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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