Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Stephanie Davis is warned!

Celebrity Big Brother

Stephanie Davis is warned by Big brother on tonight's latest show following last night's meltdown.

Security were called to the house to calm down Steph following a row with Danniella Westbrook in yesterday's highlights.

After losing her temper during the night, Big Brother calls Stephanie to the Diary Room in the show to remind her of the rules of acceptable behaviour in the house.

Stephanie apologises, “I’m very sorry Big Brother, it won’t happen again. I was out of order.”

Big Brother asks Stephanie, who spent the night in the task room, if she’s feeling calm enough to return to the house, to which she replies “Yeah, I’m just not going to speak to Danniella Westbrook because she’s an absolute carrot.”

Later and Big Brother asks Danniella in the Diary Room if she has spoken to Stephanie today. Danniella says, “no, I’ve spoke to her in passing about the task, but I’ve not spoken to her.

"I’m upset about the situation with Steph. I’m gutted, but I’m alright with it because I know what it’s like to feel under attack and vulnerable so I don’t hate her or anything. I don’t feel any dislike towards her; I love her to bits still.”

Later on and tensions between Stephanie and Danniella begin to simmer again.

Stephanie and Jeremy are keeping some of the other housemates awake. Gemma and Danniella go into the kitchen.

Danniella complains “all I can hear is them getting it on, I’m so embarrassed. I don’t want to take my fingers out of me ears. I couldn’t do it could you on the telly? Don’t take her foot off the gas does she, it’s one thing after another. It’s just a level of disrespect for everyone in that room.”

Gemma replies, “I cannot believe it.”

Meanwhile, Stephanie tells Jeremy, “I think I’m falling really badly in love with you Jez.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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