Vicky Pattison, Bobby Norris and more call into Celebrity Big Brother house

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Vicky Pattison, Bobby Norris and more called in to the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

For their latest shopping task this week, housemates yesterday awoke to find the house covered with phones.

The group were told that throughout the day the phones will randomly ring. Housemates must find the correct phone ringing and whoever picks up the phone must then correctly identify the caller using a series of yes or no questions.

Only if the housemates correctly identify the caller will they be able to speak to the house.

Callers may be relatives of the housemates with a message for them but could also include Big Brother offering luxury items, as well as time wasters and pranksters.

Housemates only a certain amount of call time allowed which decreases the longer they stay on the phone, so they can't spend hours chin-wagging to their loved ones if they want to pass the task or give others a chance to get a message from home.

Callers over the task included Darren's wife and John's sister which saw the pair both get VERY emotional.

Gemma Collins was called by TOWIE co-star Bobby Norris, Vicky Pattison phoned in for Scotty T while Christopher Maloney repeatedly called into the house to speak to anyone who would listen.

Gillian McKeith also called to give the housemates a challenge, saying she would give them more talk time if they kept to her rules of cleaning eating and living.

Despite further calls from a pizza delivery company designed to trick the housemates, they kept to Gillian's rules (more or less) and so won the extra talk time.

The task will air on tonight's latest highlights show on Channel 5.

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