Celebrity Big Brother's Stephanie Davis fears her poo will leave Gillian McKeith unconscious

Celebrity Big Brother

Stephanie Davis fears Gillian McKeith will be knocked out if she analyses her poo on Celebrity Big Brother.

And we'll warn you now you probably don't want to read much further if you plan on eating any time soon.

Holistic food & lifestyle guru Gillian McKeith made a surprise visit to the Big Brother house in last night's live show to give the housemates a clean detox.

After joining the housemates live via the Diary Room, Gillian was asked by Big Brother to select the four housemates whom she believed to be the ‘most toxic’.

Gillian chose Scotty T, John, Tiffany and Stephanie.

In picking Stephanie, Gillian said: "Stephanie, you're emotionally toxic. And septic to Jeremy. And untidy, your floozy days are over."

The four chosen housemates have now moved in to Big Brother's Toxic Detox area (aka the large task room) where they will be staying until further notice, sleeping in the room's hospital beds and following all of Gillian's rules.

The Toxic housemates learned that Gillian was planning to analyse their poo as she famously did in Channel 4 series You Are What You Eat.

"I hope not, it would knock her out," Stephanie remarked.

A chat between John and Steph followed as the pair discussed the various forms poo can take with Stephanie comparing hers to, erm, "slop".

John then revealed he was a big fan of Gillian and her show, going on to say the "poo thing" was his "favourite".

Meanwhile, Danneilla said she planned to REFUSE to give any of her poo to Gillian for the task.

This task sounds as though it's about to get REALLY disgusting, REALLY quickly.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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