Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates given strict rules by Gillian McKeith

Gillian McKeith

The Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates have been given a set of harsh rules to follow as part of the new detox task.

Holistic food & lifestyle guru Gillian McKeith made a surprise visit to the Big Brother house in last night's live show, although most of the housemates had no idea who she was.

The celebrities were told that over the next few days they would be put to the test in the ultimate January detox as prescribed by Gillian.

After joining the housemates live via the Diary Room, Gillian was asked by Big Brother to select the four housemates whom she believed to be the ‘most toxic’.

Gemma was unable to be selected due to illness (apparently) so instead Gillian picked Stephanie, Scotty T, John and Tiffany.

They've all moved in to Big Brother's Toxic Detox area (aka the large task room) where they will be staying until further notice.

The four housemates have been made to wear white suits with 'TOXIC' branded on them and must sleep in the hospital beds provided in the task room.

But the other housemates haven't got away completely as the whole house has been given strict instructions.

Housemates MUST:

- Keep to all of Gillian's rules
- Eat clean
- Drink clean
- Act clean

Housemates must NOT:

- Question Gillian's authority
- Swear
- Make a mess

How will they cope? Time will tell!

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