Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Secret task for John Partridge but there's a twist

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John Partridge was set a secret task in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night but there was a twist.

There always is nowadays, isn't there?

This time, John was called to the Diary Room and told by Big Brother that he had to fish for compliments.

In order to pass his secret task, John was told that he had to be complimented by each and every one of his fellow housemates.

HOWEVER, at the same time, the rest of the housemates were told all about John's task via the plasma in the living area.

They were told that in fact they were the ones on the real secret task and had to sabotage John's fake task.

Rather than pay John the compliments he was after, they ended up insulting him for much of the day although John seemed to take the remarks in good humour.

When it came to the results it turned out that not all of the housemates managed to be completely negative with four of them complimenting John.

But with five refusing to do so, John failed his (not so) secret task and the rest of the housemates passed.

As a reward, the housemates have won a coffee machine installed in the kitchen.

Highlights from the task air in tonight's show from 9PM on Channel 5.

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