Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! Second housemate wins IMMUNITY

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The second immunity task from this weekend's Celebrity Big Brother twist has taken place tonight.

Stephanie Davis has become the latest housemate to be saved from the next eviction.

On Friday evening we saw the fourth eviction of the series as Megan McKenna was given the axe after facing the public vote against.

After Megan's exit interview, Big Brother told the remaining housemates that they were all up for the next eviction on Tuesday however would have the chance to win immunity in a series of challenges over the weekend. Those who fail to win immunity by the end of the weekend will be up for the public vote.

The first immunity challenge of the night took place live as housemates entered the theatre and were told to stand behind a random podium. Gemma randomly won immunity and so is not up for eviction.

This evening, Big Brother welcomed the housemates back to its Forgotten theatre and again those that remained up for eviction (i.e. all bar Gemma) stood behind a podium.

This time they played a game where they had to answer challenging questions about one another, although it was more a game of reflexes.

Each player started the game with two lives. To answer a question, housemates had to quickly buzz in. The first to buzz in got to answer the question and also got to remove the life of another player.

Once a player lost both lives they would be eliminated from the game, eventually leaving one housemate left standing who will win immunity.

Questions included 'Which housemate is most likely to win Big Brother?', 'Which housemate is most likely to have bad press?' and 'Which housemate is most likely to be walked all over?'

It all caused a HUGE row between Steph, Gemma and Danniella (again) but once things calmed down again, the task concluded.

And the last person left at the end was Steph who celebrated: "I can relax!"

Steph joins Gemma in being immune from the next eviction on Tuesday night. All other housemates remain up for the public vote as it stands.

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Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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