Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers: Day 17 recap and highlights

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother tonight

Celebrity Big Brother

Here are all of the highlights from tonight's latest Celebrity Big Brother 2016 show.

On tonight’s LIVE episode from 9PM on Channel 5: Stephanie and Jeremy make up, the housemates continue to take part in this week’s shopping task and either John, Stephanie, Tiffany, Megan, Gemma, Jeremy or Danniella will be evicted

Big Brother calls all of the housemates to the sofa area for the next part of this week’s shopping task. Stephanie and Jeremy are the first to arrive and sit awkwardly in silence until the other housemates join them.

Big Brother announces that the Just Go Along With It task will continue for Day 2 and that the public have been voting to send two housemates to jail.

John is revealed as the first housemate to spend the day in jail and is escorted there by two of Big Brother’s very own police officers.

Gemma is then told she must join John, however refuses to do so. She tells the housemates, “sorry guys, I’m not doing it. I don’t feel well” and that “you know I’m claustrophobic.”

For the next part of today’s shopping task, Scotty T and Darren just have to go along with being duck herders. They successfully complete the challenge.

Last night, John heard Stephanie say that she wanted her boyfriend to enter the house. Jeremy tells John that Stephanie denied it, but John confirms the story is true.

Scotty T is in the Diary Room. Asked if he could do anything, Scotty T replies “have sex. Mine’s been horny as ought in here, it’s hard. Good luck to the girl I have sex with when I come out of here because she’s gonna be in a wheelbarrow for about a week.”

In the kitchen Gemma is sharing some big news with Tiffany, revealing “I’m 100% pregnant, I know it. I’m excited but nervous as well” and “I can feel it in me.” Tiffany tells Gemma that she needs to get a test and that “you’re going to be a wonderful mother.”

Brother Big announces that John’s time in jail is over and that for the last part of this week’s shopping task the housemates must just go along with becoming each other. Big Brother has chosen four housemates who must dress up and impersonate each other. Tiffany will impersonate Megan. Megan will impersonate Tiffany. Danniella will impersonate john. Scotty T must impersonate Stephanie.

Big Brother gathers the housemates in the sofa area to reveal the results of the Just Go Along With It task. Housemates were permitted four fails across the duration of the task, but only incurred three (Gemma refusing to take part in the spinning class, Tiffany not wanting to have a snake put on her shoulders and Gemma not entering jail) and have therefore passed and will receive a luxury shopping budget.

Gemma informs the housemates that she isn’t actually pregnant.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5.

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