Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers: Shopping task ends in a TWIST!

Celebrity Big Brother

The results are in but did the Celebrity Big Brother housemates win a luxury budget in their first shopping task?

For this week's challenge, the housemate were split into two groups, half puppets other half puppetmasters.

The pairings were:

Christopher (Puppet) and Stephanie (Puppet) and Gemma

Danniella (Puppet) and Angie

Tiffany (Puppet) and John

Gemma and Christopher.

Darren (Puppet) and Kristina

Scotty T (Puppet) Nancy

Megan (Puppet) and Jeremy

David sat the task out due to illness but became puppet master.

The puppetmasters were put in charge of the puppets. They had to lead them, control them and make sure they maintained the high quality expected of a Big Brother puppet.

The puppets had to serve, respect and obey their puppet master of all times.

For the task, puppets were not permitted to argue with their puppet masters, use profanity in front of them or offend them in any way.

The puppets could only sit on the small puppet stools, sleep in the uncomfortable puppet beds and eat only the 'puppet' food provided by Big Brother and drink water.

Several challenges made up the overall task with the puppets generally having to do all sorts as requested by their masters, from eating foul eggs to given truthful answers to awkward questions.

Today in the house the task continued with Big Brother stirring things up between the puppet masters and their puppets, who remained living out their puppet boxes and eating puppet food.

When it came to the results it was revealed - not all too surprisingly to the group - that they had failed.

However, Big Brother threw a twist into the mix, giving the puppet masters and puppets each a set of buttons in different rooms of the house. They were told that on the start of a timer, whichever team pressed a button first would win a luxury shopping budget for their side while the others would get rations. If neither side pressed the buttons, the whole house would get basic rations.

Darren and Nancy.

Both teams pressed the buttons but it was the Puppets who won with Scotty hitting the buzzer in 0.03 seconds to puppet master Gemma's time of 1.41 seconds.

Therefore the puppet housemates - Megan, Stephanie, Scotty T, Danniella, Christopher, Scotty T, Darren and Tiffy - will enjoy a luxury budget while the others will get a basic delivery from Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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