Winston McKenzie causes outrage on Celebrity Big Brother with views on gay adoption

Celebrity Big Brother

There's outrage in the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house tonight as Winston McKenzie airs his views on gay adoption.

In a new task the housemates are split into two teams to discover how well they know each other. One housemate is appointed to be the captain of each team and read out a series of facts. Their team must decide to which fact relates to which housemate on the other team. The team to get the most correct answers about their opponents wins.

During the task it’s revealed that Gemma has a designer vagina, Angie was nearly late to her own wedding after a threesome, Darren spent £2000 a week on cocaine and Danniella has had six boob jobs.

When Winston is correctly identified as having described adoption by gay couples as child abuse, debate sparks. Winston explains “How can I? I’m a Christian. How can I go against my beliefs? No I’m not homophobic, no I don’t hate gays, people live their lives as according to how they want to live.” Jeremy urges “let’s move forward.”

Team B is declared the winner of the task and can decide which three housemates will get their confiscated suitcases back. After a team vote, they decide to give cases to Darren, Danniella and Christopher. Gemma tries to get clarification from Winston about the child abuse comment.

Discussing Winston’s earlier comments about gay adoption, Angie tells David “I didn’t do 45 years fighting for gay rights for f**king nothing. I’m not tolerating that c*ap. If he comes within 10 feet of me it’s over. My f**king eyes nearly popped out of my head. I knew it was him, it’s not like anyone else would have said such a stupid thing. And if he didn’t say it, he didn’t prove to me that he didn’t.

David says “I love you and I love everything you stand for.”

A raging Angie then continues “Well thank you but at the moment I only stand for being an absolute pratt for having trusted him, for having said nice things about him. What was he all the time? A little mincing, f**king, stereotypical straight a***hole hiding behind that it’s a Christian belief. Suck my big one. And when you’re done with that do it again, on your f**king knees. Piece of c**p.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight from 9PM on Channel 5 with the first live eviction of the series.

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