Celebrity Big Brother FIGHT! Housemates in biggest row yet after nominations twist


Tonight's Celebrity Big Brother highlights see quite the explosion of rows after Big Brother reveals the final set of nominations.

This week four housemates face eviction unaware that two will be getting the boot tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

But that's not all as in tonight's show - at 9PM on Channel 5 - Big Brother gathers the Housemates and reveals the Housemates’ nominations from this afternoon on the plasma screen.


Among the nominations, Natasha and James both nominate Jenna. Bobby is also nominated by Sherrie while James nominates Austin.

After the revelations, Jenna and Austin are talking about James’ nomination “didn’t I say? He is a bulls**t artist, he nominated me because he thought that I respect him coming to me. No I just didn’t take it as valid. It wasn’t a good enough reason.” She goes on to say “he is a half ars*d piece of s**t and now he is going to show his true colours and he does it in a sort of vapid sort of way.”

Jenna then goes on to confront Natasha: "I am sorry you think that I am talking behind your back but you can go around to everyone. I have not said a single bad thing about you.”

As the atmosphere between the housemates begins to reach breaking point, James is outside on his own worrying about his decision to nominate Austin. In the living area, Jenna says “that’s like Farrah nominating me.” Bobby tries to defend James: “I think he did it because he cares for you.”

Later on and things come to a head as James, Jenna and Austin come to blows.

Austin says “you picked Jenna over Janice and now you have picked me over Janice, it just reiterates the fact that you have drank the coolade and you are brainwashed by somebody who is so…” Austin begins to shout, “so how the f**k is sending me home two days before the final going to change that.”

James is trying to reason with Austin: “this is why for the last five days I have tried to sit you down and tell you how you have been and how you’re acting, I feared this day coming.”

Jenna questions James further about his choice of nominations, James walks out the room, “both of you crack on”, Jenna tells him to “crack on with your f**king daft a*s loser self.”

Janice comforts James, “he is wrong and he has been out of line, I haven’t even begun to give what I think. None of them can look me in the eye.”

Soon, Jenna walks in, followed by Austin and things kick off again. Austin turns to Janice, “you are a terrible example of a women and a mother, your children would be so embarrassed, you’re f**king the worst excuse for a women ever.”

Janice sticks her fingers up at Austin and tells him to “kiss my a**.”

Austin responds, “you’re such a good mother to throw your middle fingers up on National Television, you f**king embarrassment of a mother, you should be ashamed.”

Janice turns around and pulls the duvet over her while Austin continues, “that’s right, I didn’t think you had anything to say, you stupid c**t.”

He continues: “what an embarrassment to society, run around with your tits out and you’re spreading your legs. You’re just such a nasty excuse for a woman…miserable…who has to pop from reality show to reality show like you do to f**king get a pay cheque. Get a job, learn a trade, get some education, you stupid f**king b*tch.”

James tells him “you are letting yourself down mate, you are embarrassing yourself, you should be ashamed of yourself. You have a nice family back at home that are watching you, you should be embarrassed about how you’re acting and how you’re treating people.”

And Natasha piles in: “I’ve had enough of your f**king loud voice, this is what we have all the time from you!”

Austin then goes into the Diary Room and is talking about Janice, “for a grown woman of her experience to sit there and say the things that she said to me, the things that she has said to Jenna. You know, she needs to be tied to the post and lashed for the things she has done.”

However after an emotional chat with Big Brother, Austin walks back into the living area, crying and apologises to the other Housemates by telling them that he is really hurt, “I feel like an a**hole.”


Austin apologises, “that was bang out of order to say those things. I’m not going to make excuses, it was f**ked up and inappropriate by any means that is an understatement. It’s absolutely the last things that should have come out my mouth.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.