Celebrity Big Brother 2015: James Hill and Austin Armacost row again

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James Hill and Austin Armacost are at one another's throats again on tonight's Celeb Big Brother 2015.

The pair's off and on again bromance is definitely off tonight after they row about Janice Dickinson.

It's after she loses a task and it costs Austin his letter from home.

"So is she still this loving caring woman?" Austin asks James. "She just showed that and I want to know how you feel about it."

James replies: "Tonight if anybody deserved that letter it was you."

Austin continues: "Yeah so the question still stands. Is she still this loving compassionate woman that you think is so incredible?..Do you think that was the right decision to make…You are not answering my question."

James explains: "Yes. How you spoke to her outside was f**king out of order but it was but I understand your frustration…in regardless of how you spoke to her outside I still would not have taken your letter off you…

"I am going..because you are not turning on me again…I understand you are sad and you are frustrated mate but I am there for you as a friend ok but what I don’t accept is sometimes how you speak to her…I don’t know if I want to be your mate if you carry on like this to be honest.’"

After James walks out the bedroom Jenna talks to Austin "You have to understand that he is playing a game. That whole we don’t really know each other spiel is coming into play."

Austin reacts: "It sure is. He just showed all I needed to see"

Meanwhile, Natasha and James are in the bathroom as she tells him: "I think you need to man up a bit and stand your ground because he is always kicking off at you."

James says: "The way he speaks and I completely understand his frustration...if anyone from the American side deserved a letter today it was him for the hard work that he has put in and he has done it not just for him but for everybody.

"I get every single ounce of it but it still doesn’t make it right how he speaks to people and speaks to Janice and stuff like that. It’s no exception."

Natasha adds: "I totally understand why he is feeling the way he is. But to take it out on you, his closest friend in here is f***ing ridiculous…well you know what get another bed and ignore them until they realise.."

James reveals: "Listen Natasha, you keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer…I know who my real friends are in this house. Simple as that."

Later, James wants to talk to Austin in the seating area and get some things off his chest: "I am a very straight forward person right. I am honest and I am straight and I am fair and I do my best to show respect to everybody but the one thing that I don’t think that you give back to me is respect and the way you treat me and speak to me sometimes isn’t fair.

"And do you know what you are a fool because out of everybody in this house if anybody has your back it is me. I understand how frustrated and upset you must have felt tonight and I offered my letter because I wanted you to have yours and everybody else to have theirs. Then you came in that bedroom and you take your frustration out on me it’s not fair."

Austin replies: "Well what’s interesting to me is that the first thing that almost everybody in this house came in to me and said was ‘That was f***ed up She shouldn’t have done that. She was wrong’…You didn’t say a word to me and this is what I don’t understand about you James is because every time I am wrong you pull me up on it. Every time Janice is wrong you come to me and say ‘Oh Austin I understand your frustrations’ so unless there has been a dozen conversations with Janice that I have missed..."

James insists: "I’ve pulled her up on every time I think she’s wrong alright! The whole problem he is you do not like the fact that I have respect for Janice and that I do not like the way you speak to her."

As things get heated, Austin snaps: "Because she’s a f***ing master manipulator and now she has you on her strings, you don’t get it."

James responds: "I understand a lot more than you understand mate…Yes I do and a real friend wouldn’t do that to me. I have had enough of it..You’ve got this attitude all the time and stuff like that."

He adds: "I think you will look back on this mate and realise the way you go off on people..you are a selfish boy deep down."

Austin says: "Walking away again. It means you have f**k all to say pal."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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