Big Brother PRANKS Janice Dickinson... with the help of the other housemates

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Janice Dickinson was pranked by Big Brother and the other housemates yesterday.

While Janie was distracted in the Diary Room, Big Brother delivered some secret task instructions to the other housemates.

Austin read them out loud to the group: "Today you are all in a secret mission to create a recurring series of events every time Janice leaves the Diary Room to leave her with an extreme case of deja vu."

The instructions explained that the housemates would have to act out the same sequence repeatedly throughout the day with set scenarios given to each housemate:

Austin shouts from James while Farrah shushes him

Stevi theatrically dips Chloe and kisses her down the stairs.

James trips over a pair of shoes.

Sherrie complains there's no toilet paper, with a string of toilet paper stuck to her shoe.

Jenna drops a plastic glass in the kitchen

Natasha teaches Bobby the lyrics to whole again

Every time Janice was called to the Diary Room, housemates had to 'reset' before acting out the sequence as she left.

If Janice didn't twig something was up, the housemates would pass.

And Janice didn't have a clue despite the acting of the housemates getting rather more outrageous each and every time they carried out their given actions.

As a reward for passing the task, all of the housemates got to enjoy an Hawaiian themed birthday party for Stevi and Sherrie in the evening.

The task and party highlights will air in tonight's show at 9PM on Channel 5.

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