Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Jenna and Farrah showcase their, err, talents

cbb jarrah talents - 1

Jenna Jameson and Farrah Abraham showed off their talents in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday.

Having missed out on the opportunity to take part in the weekend's talent show having been bunked up in a secret room, Big Brother gave the pair the chance to impress in a new task.

It's only fair given how critical the duo were about the talents of the other housemates.

So just what did Jarrah have to offer? Surprisingly, quite a lot.

First, Farrah showed off her work as a "sexual health instructor" as she demonstrated to the other housemates how to put a condom on a banana.

Then Jenna gave the group an erotic reading.

"All my life I never thought I was very talented but as I got older I realised, I'm a pretty good writer, so I wrote a best selling novel, an autobiography and then I followed it up with a trilogy of erotic yumminess," she told the group.

Later the pair teamed up to sing a self-penned rap song about their time in the Celebrity Big Brother bungalow and their fellow housemates.

And if that wasn't enough talent to satisfy us all, the duo arguably then did what they're most well known for as they ended up stripping down and mud wrestling in a paddling pool.

cbb jarrah talents - 2

The rather surreal scenes will air in Wednesday night's show at 9PM on Channel 5.