Celebrity Big Brother: Jenna Jameson says SORRY to Natasha Hamilton

Celebrity Big Brother

Jenna Jameson say sorry to Natasha Hamilton in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

The pair of warring housemates call a truce having arguably both given as good as they've got.

The duo's latest row aired in last night's highlights show after Farrah and Jenna returned from their secret room.

It kicked off over comments they had made about one another that each had seen played back by Big Brother.

But in tonight's CBB show, it's all calm as Jenna and Natasha are seen making amends on the sofa.

Jenna apologises for the comments she made about Natasha, “I made a mistake with you and I do want to apologise."

She adds: "I did not mean that it was definitely out of anger…just to explain to you the way I felt, I just felt really ganged up on by everybody.”

Natasha accepts Jenna’s apology, replying: “Let’s try to move on and forgive and forget.”

But we can't help but wonder whether or not things will be quite so forgiving between Natasha and Farrah?

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