Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson see it all to kick off

Natasha and Farrah.

There are rows aplenty on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015 as Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson return to the house.

The pair's comeback builds as they prepare to "school" the other housemates, unaware that they're in on the whole twist.

Before they rejoin the main house, Farrah and Jenna are having a secret fresh air break in the garden. Jenna "I like the idea of walking back in, just the idea of that, makes me freakin’ really excited. Scoop is going to be so happy..Bobby’s going to want to freakin’ jump off a cliff.

"(James) Will just sit there with that little smug smile on his face and try to charm me and stare at you oddly. And Natasha is going to sit across from us with that weird pie face.’ Farrah ‘Sherrie is the alcoholic witch."

Later, Jenna and Farrah are discussing the upcoming eviction and their nominations, Jenna ‘If we get our way and four people go on Tuesday I am almost 100% sure we are making it to the finals. I hope to God this sticks a knife in them. To be honest the way I felt when I saw those cheering when I walked out…It really hurt my feelings. I want them to suffer because of this.'

When Jenna and Farrah return - and Big Brother's twist is revealed - things quickly escalate.

First to clash are Jenna and Natasha with Jenna snapping: ‘I do not want to start with you, do you understand…because I just don’t like you, you are fake.’

Natasha ‘Oh do you not?..well that’s just great. Lovely…Do you think I give a c**p what you say Jenna…I do when you are attacking me and my family.’

Austin butts in ‘Farrah you can sit down no one wants to talk to you…no one is talking to you. Sit the f**k down. This whole house cares about her (Jenna). Do you know how the house felt when they heard you were coming back? Petrified of you, because you are a nasty f***ing b***h!..Jenna, you need to separate yourself from her really. We all really care about you and like you. This one (Farrah) showed her true colours.’

Austin adds to Farrah: ‘Five minutes and you are stirring up sh*t. What is your f***ing problem?’

She replies: ‘It’s a game.’

Later, Natasha and Jenna are talking on the sofa. Natasha asks ‘What did I say about you when you walked out?’ Jenna ‘Oh it was complete f***ery..I mean you were just saying you didn’t like me.’

Natasha explains: ‘The wine I thought is a valid point because Austin put those glasses out for his brother’s toast..no you didn’t fill them up…you filled up your glasses up first…we all saw what you did.’

Farrah claims ‘You’re a liar,shut up.’

Natasha insists ‘I am not a liar..what am I lying about?’

Farrah continues ‘I don’t know. You talk about wine a lot maybe you have an issue?’

After eventually telling Farrah to "shut the f**k up.", Natasha is getting heated in the smoking area. She feels that people are trying to back track on what they have been saying over the last few days.

She claims: "Everyone is chatting bulls**t. They were happy to walk in here all attitude and fake smiles..I don’t know why anyone is trying to back track on what has been said."

Watch ALL of the fallout on Channel 5 tonight from 9PM.