Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Farrah Abraham, Jenna Jameson find out the TRUTH!

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Big Brother has revealed the final twist to this weekend's fake double fake eviction.

Friday evening's live show involved Jenna and Farrah getting fake evicted from the house and moved into a secret room next door.

They were told they were in charge of nominations as they spied on the main house but there were some lies.

BB secretly revealed to the other housemates all about Farrah and Jenna in their secret room and that the people they nominate will in fact be IMMUNE from eviction.

It prompted some housemates to act up in order to anger the girls and get themselves nominated, resulting in some very bitchy comments from both sides.

Yesterday evening Farrah and Jenna returned to the house and at first the others played along, acting shocked and pretending they were surprised to find out about their secret room.

However Big Brother then revealed that the main house had known all about the girls and that their nominations were in fact for immunity.

"Good... and we loved it," said a clearly confused Farrah as the other housemates laughed.

"That's why you guys were mean?" reacted Jenna, who seemed to be a bit relieved that not all the comments they saw were real. "That's not f**king cool. Well, it definitely makes sense because the stuff Sherrie was saying."

During their stay in the secret room, Jenna and Farrah nominated Austin, Bobby, James and Natasha up until Saturday night meaning they will all be safe from Tuesday's eviction.

The full line up of housemates who will actually be up for eviction tomorrow night will be revealed later today when Jenna and Farrah's final nominations are revealed.

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Celebrity Big Brother airs from 9PM tonight on Channel 5.