Celebrity Big Brother 2015: It kicks off as Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson return!


Things got heated in the Celebrity Big Brother 2015 house last night as Farrah and Jenna made a return.

Big Brother explained all about the twist and that both sides had really been spying on one another.

Almost immediately things kicked off between Natasha and the girls after she had seen comments by them including Farrah saying of the Atomic Kitten singer: "Go have another baby by another man... She's an alcoholic. She's an alcoholic, a manipulator and a w***e."

"Big Brother showed us comments you were making as well," Natasha began.

"Natasha, I do not want to start with you, okay?" Jenna snapped. "Do you understand? I just don't give a f**k, you're fake, you're fake and that's all."

"Do you think I give a crap what you say about me?" quizzed Natasha.

"You attacked me!" claimed Jenna.

Meanwhile, Austin and Farrah went head to head as he branded her a "nasty f**king b****".

"Who are you? Were you a celebrity? When? When? When?" asked Farrah.

Austin continued: "Jenna, you need to separate yourself from her, seriously. We all care about you and like you, but this one, she's showing her true colours."

As Farrah took the brunt of the insults, Bobby quipped: "Do you know why people take an instant dislike you to Farrah? Because it saves f**king time!"

Later on, Jenna went to confront Bobby about THAT impression of her saying it wasn't funny.

"I'm sure there are plenty of girls out in Britain who have big butts who think you're a complete douche," she said.

"I was being a bit of a *** but that's what makes great television," Bobby replied.

Sounds like something Farrah and Jenna should be all too aware of!

Be sure to watch all of the fallout on tonight's CBB from 9PM on Channel 5.