Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Gail Porter and Natasha Hamilton are still fuming

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Tensions are still high in the Celebrity Big Brother house after a weekend of arguments.

Tonight's show (Monday) saw an explosive episode as the USA and British housemates clashed repeatedly over everything from wine and food to flip flops.

In the house today and Natasha Hamilton and Gail Porter were still fuming over the fights.

Gail quipped sarcastically over the supposed 'food crisis': "We are starved to death because we've only got 20 packets of pasta to last us until Tuesday... Nobody is dying."

She continued: "Do you think they need so much food because of their bottoms? Seriously this is war. How much f**king food do people need, greedy ****s"

Both Gail and Natasha went on to say that they hoped the hot water would continue to be turned off to annoy the American housemates, with Gail saying that Farrah and Jenna could 'dry their hair in the oven'.

Natasha sighed: "I'm over it. Totally over it."

Gail said: "I'm just a bit sad, I knew it wasn't going to be easy and go weird but there's weird then there's selfish, and greedy and... selfish and greedy."

There have been attempts for the USA and British housemates to reconcile and while things haven't been as explosive as yesterday (yet), the split between the two sides hasn't been more clear.

And this evening it looked like it could all kick off again as the Brits began to hide drinks from the Americans.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow night at 9PM on Channel 5 with the latest live eviction

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