Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Natasha Hamilton wants to PUNCH Farrah Abraham

Celebrity Big Brother

Farrah Abraham makes herself some new enemies on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

Seemingly on a secret mission of her own to start a fight with each one of the housemates, Farrah clashes with Bobby Davro.

In the evening and after the eviction, Bobby talks to Big Brother and says that team US are ‘spoiling for a fight’.

He says that he feels sorry for Farrah as she seems to have a lot of issues and she keep trying to push people’s buttons but comments that she won’t be able to find his.

Later and Jenna and Bobby have a disagreement but Farrah gets involved and goes over to Bobby to ask what his problem is with Jenna.

She loses her temper and starts shouting at him but he remains composed, even when she brings his wife into her tirade.

"Go f**k yourself," she concludes.

He says: "You let yourself down sweetheart, I feel sorry for you."

Meanwhile an emotional Natasha talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room.

She says of Farrah: "She has to stop antagonising people."

She comments that she is sick of being the bigger person and now just wants to punch Farrah. She compares Jenna and Farrah to ‘two wicked witches.’

Afterwards Natasha and Bobby chat in the garden about Farrah and Jenna and Janice joins them and says: "I’m embarrassed and disgusted with my fellow Americans, apart from Fatman Scoop."

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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