Celebrity Big Brother 2015 - UK v USA: Day 9 recap and spoilers

Celebrity Big Brother

Here's a spoiler filled look at all of the highlights from tonight's latest CBB show.

Janice has something to say as soon as she wakes up after a tense night and that is: ‘This sh*t ain’t over’.

Austin talks to Big Brother and says that he has had another ‘thunder sh*tstorm with Janice’. He says that the house is suffering from an emotional hangover. He says that he thinks that Farrah will leave tonight but he would prefer it to be Janice as he doesn’t like to be in the same room as her.

Daniel talks to Chloe Jasmine in the garden and he asks whether it’s ‘conducive’ to her and Stevi‘s relationship to be in the house.

Bobby finds a bra in the bathroom and decides to play a game and guess whose it is. Fatman Scoop decides to join in as he is a ‘breast man’.

Jenna admits to Farrah at the vanity area that she has one eye smaller than the other. She knows this because she has a waxwork of herself in Madame Tussauds.

The Housemates are gathered on the sofas and told of the new task which involves finding out how well Stevi and Chloe Jasmine know each other. They pass the task after answering a series of personal questions about each other including Stevi’s favourite sexual position.

Paul tells the group that he thinks that Farrah likes James romantically, saying that: ‘She can’t take her eyes off him’. He tells Farrah about his theory and she dismissed it, saying: ‘Are you f*cking confused?’

Stevi and Chloe Jasmine are rewarded for passing the task and are given a romantic tea in the garden, complete with cakes and strawberries. Stevi tells Chloe Jasmine that he is ‘besotted with her’.

Austin, Fatman Scoop and James reassure Jenna that she won’t be evicted. Jenna says: ‘Whoever nominated Daniel, I want to slap silly.’ James admits that he thinks Daniel is very loud but Fatman Scoop says that he is definitely the loudest in the house.

Everyone is ready for the pending eviction, Farrah and Jenna talk about Austin in the garden and Jenna says: ‘I think he nominated me, I think he nominated Daniel, I just don’t trust him.’

Emma gathers the Housemates on the sofa and announces that Paul Burrell will be leaving. Next is the eviction and Emma announces that out of the Housemates nominated, Daniel will be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. The Housemates are all shocked by this bombshell.

Jenna is not happy with Austin for not taking Daniel’s eviction seriously enough and says: ‘I think it’s funny that you think it’s funny.’ She accuses him of losing his loyalty to team US and advises him: ‘Stick with the people you need to stick with in order to last.’

Farrah talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room. She says that it’s really sad that Daniel has left and that he was a great team player. She also comments that Austin is going ‘back and forth’ between the US and UK teams.

James makes peace with Farrah. He tells her he spends more energy on her than any other Housemates and they are the same age and should be able to be friends.

Natasha and Bobby chat in the garden about Farrah and Jenna and Janice joins them and says: ‘I’m embarrassed and disgusted with my fellow Americans, apart from Fatman Scoop.’

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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