Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Gail Porter wants everyone to be BFFs

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Gail Porter has begged the Celebrity Big Brother housemates to make amends with one another after a day of rows.

In tonight's show we saw huge arguments between most of the group and it all ended in tears and anger.

Gail was quick to try and beg the group to make up and work things out but it seemed as though her pleas fell on deaf ears.

"Can you please every, even for me, if not for everyone else... Please, just this arguing and nastiness just give it a break please," she told Janice and Chloe in the smoking area.

"I wasn't being nasty," Janice replied.

Gail continued: "I'm not saying you, stop taking everything... it's not all about you, it' snot all about everyone. Just make it work, please, please."

She went on: "I try and I get it together, things hurt each other, everyone is hurting people, that's the reason why we were put together."

"We're fine," claimed Chloe but Gail was not happy by the response she was getting.

"Fine," Gail snapped. "You know what, I just wish people were clever enough to get their heads together and realise we're actually all in this together."

Chloe seemed to be offended by being branded 'unintelligent', as Gail replied: "What we have to do as a collective is to pull together, go 'That happened, rise above it'. Am I being out of order here? "

She concluded: "It's a game."

The conversation then moved on to Gail feeling uncomfortable by Chloe and Stevi's kissing, with the TV host comparing them to "slugs".

"We're not f**king on the bed," Chloe retorted.

Elsewhere in the house, a down Stevi got a confidence boost and pep talk from James after he threatened to LEAVE the house.

"You don't deserve to have no confidence... I don't want to see you give up," the former Apprentice candidate said.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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