Celebrity Big Brother 2015: Janice Dickinson warned after 'SPITTING' at Austin Armacost

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Janice Dickinson has been issued a "formal and final" warning on Celebrity Big Brother.

It's after she seemed to SPIT at fellow USA housemate Austin Armacost in a huge row in this evening's show.

The argument began when James, Jenna, Farrah and felt the wrath of Janice after using up the hot water.

She snapped: "I wanted a f***ing bath ok selfish people….It’s called common f***ing decency."

Jenna replied: "Don’t be a diva, ok!"

Things escalated as the row moved on to other topics, with Janice and Austin clashing leading to Janice seemingly spitting towards Austin in the doorway of the garden.

The incident shocked the fellow housemates although they were split on what actually went down.

Janice said in the Diary Room: "In the garden the fight was escalated…He started to follow me. I did not spit on him. I made the motion that I spat on him."

Austin had complained to Big Brother in the Diary Room over the incident and after reviewing the footage, Big Brother called Janice to the Diary Room today (Monday) to warn her.

"Big Brother needs to talk seriously to you about your behaviour towards Austin," Big Brother said. "You appeared to spit at or in the direction of Austin. Big Brother deems this aggressive behaviour completely unacceptable and is issuing a formal and final warning.

"I am very sorry," Janice said in reply.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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