Celebrity Big Brother UK v USA: Day 3 recap and spoilers

Celebrity Big Brother

Here's all of the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2015 highlights ahead of tonight's latest show.

After their row last night, Farrah and James decide to let bygones be bygones and they apologise to each other.

Janice is in the Diary Room discussing her role in the house, ‘My role in the house is to impart wisdom as much as I can, get to know people, hear their stories be a friend a confident and to be really helpful…because of my arthritis Sherrie and Gail have been gracious and kind enough to help me… I asked them too because I do trust them. I trust those ladies. These women are my friends already.'

Austin is talking to James and others in the garden, ‘They are all unpacking Janice’s suitcase’. James replies ‘Unpacking? F**k off…she’s actually delegated it to people?.. (laughing) I can’t believe they are all unpacking Janice’s suitcase and she’s asleep. She owns it.’

Farrah tells Jenna, James and Austin she feels like she is on the beach as she can hear the seagulls. They discuss how close the beach is to where they are. Janice exclaims that it is a different type of seagulls. The others worry that if she can hear that conversation did she hear them discussing her earlier. Janice replies ‘I could hear everything. I am only meditating, I can hear.’ Jenna comments on Janice’s hearing ‘You’re superhuman.’ Janice replies ‘No I’m a Supermodel.’

Daniel is in the Diary Room ‘I feel like this is the honeymoon phase, everything tastes great. Its sounds great there are some minor squabbles. This is the calm before the storm. Bobby seems to be doing fine. Janice, when you are from that world of entitlement in Hollywood…you start walking around expecting everyone to treat you that way and you feel entitled to be treated that way.’

Gail, Jenna and Farrah get to know each other in the sofa area.

Dizzy Dash task takes place. Housemates are spun around whilst listening to facts about each other and they must guess who it is about after racing over a finish line once the spinning stops.

James feels that Janice is walking all over Gail. Gail makes Janice’s bed because Janice is tired and James feels that she needs to stop doing everything for Janice. ‘She’s a f***ing diva isn’t she.’

James and Austin are in bed and most of the Housemates are asleep. Austin thinks he has pulled a hamstring and asks James to massage it. James is laughing telling Austin ‘I’m not f***ing touching your hamstring while we are in bed.’ Austin tries to do it himself. At this time Natasha springs from the bottom of the bed and scares both Austin and James. Austin then asks Natasha to rub his hamstring. She declines.

Celebrity Big Brother airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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