Big Brother's Danny Wisker says Sarah Greenwood 'not the girl I would settle down with'

Big Brother

Big Brother's Danny Wisker has spoken out about a possible relationship with Sarah Greenwood.

And it's not looking good.

Speaking after Thursday night's final, Danny said: "I really like Sarah but she's not the girl I would settle down with either.

"She's just not for me. I see her as a lifelong friend who I had a good connection with in the house and had fun with, but I can't see it being any more than that."

However he did add: "Time will tell. I'm going to spend some time with Sarah and who know what could happen?"

Meanwhile, Danny also spoke about Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and insisted that the pair were "just very good friends".

"I clicked with Aisleyne straight away," he said yesterday. "I felt comfortable round her and I could just stop in bed and have a cuddle with her, get up in the morning and nothing would be thought of it. We're just very good friends and it might have looked like there was more than that but there wasn't.

"I didn't see her as someone I would settle down with."

And on Jasmine Lennard, Danny confessed he was left disappointed when she chose to snog the face off Cristian rather than him.

She is a very good-looking woman and I like Jasmine. She was absolutely beautiful," Danny admitted. "But you can't win them all."

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