Big Brother 2015's Danny Wisker says of his tweets: "I've done nothing wrong"

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Big Brother's Danny Wisker has spoken out about THOSE tweets, saying he's done "nothing wrong".

While some messages turned out to be fake others appeared to be genuine, many aimed at former Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother housemates.

He messaged Chloe Goodman after her eviction back in January: "unlucky d**k head! Let's hope the public bully you in the street!"

And said of Cami Li: "Mate the worst so called human I've ever met in my life! Needs putting down"

He added: "Now f**k off back to Miami you tramp!... "

However Danny said today, following last night's Big Brother 2015 final: "Personally, I feel like I've done nothing wrong. I've got no hidden agendas."

He said; "I may have years and years ago written something that I fully didn't mean - when I've been drunk or whatever. But I wasn't worried at all. I feel like I've done nothing wrong in life."

That's QUITE the claim!

Danny went on to confess of the tweets: "I'll be honest with you, I've not sat down and gone through everything. So I don't know about all of that."

Speaking about the apparently photoshopped tweet that Big Brother had read out to the house, regarding "fat birds in clubs", Danny said: "I was so disappointed in Big Brother for doing that to me, especially less than a week before the final. I just couldn't get my head around it.

"Now I've been told it was all fake, so I'm really happy about that... I don't discriminate against anybody."

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