Big Brother 2015: Cristian is teased over his friendship with Joel Williams

Big Brother

Cristian is teased over his friendship with Joel on tonight's Big Brother 2015.

It's following a task that sees the housemates quizzed by Big Brother fans via web cam chats, after the group become vloggers for the day.

Joel is asked about his relationship with Cristian, while watching on in the living area, Cristian asks the other Housemates about the perception by the public of his friendship with Joel as they tease him.

Afterwards, the Housemates are in the bedroom talking about the live web chat interviews specifically the question relating to Joel and Cristian’s friendship.

Come the evening, Joel invites Cristian to sleep in bed with him. Cristian gets into bed with Joel as the Housemates again tease them about their friendship.

It's not the only thing Cristian has to deal with on this evening's show as he's branded boring by Jade-Martina Lynch during her return to the house.

He complains: “I hate this comment of fading into the background. I consider myself as chilled.”

Meanwhile, Jack faces yet more attempts from the other housemates trying to steal his box of cash that lead him to finally lose his temper.

It begins as Jack is in the living area having a nap while Chloe unlocks his handcuff from his money suitcase and hides it.

Jack eventually finds it as Chloe remarks, “Like a pig in s**t when he’s got his money strapped to his arm.”.

Later and when Jack discovers that the twenty three thousand nine hundred pounds is in cash in his suitcase, the housemates again start mucking around with the case.

Jack loses his temper as the rest of the group say that hiss annoyance spurs them on to tease him more.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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