Big Brother 2015: Sarah Greenwood says she's waiting for Danny Wisker

Big Brother

Sarah Greenwood says she's still fully behind Danny Wisker on Big Brother 2015.

On last night's show we saw Danny choose Sarah and yesterday he spent time in the house wondering about his love interest from the early weeks of this year's series.

He asked Chloe: "I wonder if I ask Sarah on Thursday, if I ask her to stay with me that night if she would.

"Not in a sexual way but it'd be nice to spend the night with someone than be on your own."

On hearing Danny's proposition, Sarah joked: "It's a bit bloody presumptuous!

"To be honest, it depends whether or not he's going to win all that money because I'm not going to be interested if he doesn't."

She continued: "I'm only joking!... It's really nice to hear and I've heard all the other clips and I feel exactly the same way. He's bang on right, of course I am here waiting for Danny, more than support for Danny.

"There's a reason why the guy's only got about two nominations throughout the whole process, he's still got the same support network, I'm still supporting him."

Sarah concluded: "Obviously I'm backing Danny to win, the guy is genuine, he's nice."

Big Brother continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5 with the live final from Thursday at 9PM with Emma Willis.

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