Big Brother has been reading out Danny Wisker's tweets to the house

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Some of Danny Wisker's tweets have been read out in the Big Brother house as part of a new task.

With the final fast approaching, Big Brother today had the final six housemates compete in the same task they took part in on their first day.

Split into two teams, the housemates had to correctly identify facts about one another in a bid to win a prize.

Keeping in with the Timebomb theme, the task involved pointing the hand of a giant clock to the housemate they thought the fact belonged to.

One of the questions was "Which housemate tweeted 'Fat birds trying it on with me in clubs, stick with your own kind'?"

Chloe, Cristian and Jack had guessed Nick was the mystery tweeter having ruled out Danny.

Cristian commented: "Danny would not say anything as bad as that, Danny is nice, Danny's not a bad guy."

Jack added: "If Danny said that I'd be surprised. Danny does stuff for charity."

Chloe said of the tweet: "That's terrible," before the group picked Nick: "Nick 'never had a bird' Henderson, wonder why?"

There was shock when Danny was revealed as the tweeter with even him seemingly surprised.

Given the chance to respond, Danny said: "Umm, I honestly don't remember saying that, someone might have took my phone and wrote that themselves, it could be years and years ago...

"It can't be true, I've been with he larger lady a couple of times... quite a lot of times actually."

UPDATE: It's since been claimed that the tweet attributed to Danny is in fact fake.

You can watch the task and fallout in Tuesday night's show on Channel 5.

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