Big Brother 2015: Is Joel Williams the new Marc O'Neil?!

Big Brother

Joel Williams has become the target of his fellow housemates in the Big Brother 2015 house.

It's after his attempts to wind up the group have seen him compared to evicted housemate Marc O'Neill, and not favourably.

"You'd think things would change for the better now Marc has gone and it's gone the other way," Chloe remarked last night.

Following Joel and Nick AGAIN clashing with Harry Ameila, she claimed: "Joel loves to use Nick to steal him away from me and be an absolute ****".

With Joel and Nick out in the living area, Jack said in the bedroom that Joel had been "out of order" and "off his station", accusing him of pushing people's buttons.

Harry suggested Joel kept picking an argument because she'll fly on his handle it'll make him look better.

"Now he's got a pass to the final he'll do anything he can to make him look better," she added. "If he feels his personality is so much lacking that he has to start drama to look good..."

Harry branded both Nick and Joel "morally wrong", Nick for buying his way into the final and Joel "for being a **** all week."

She concluded: "Joel is literally the new Marc."

Meanwhile as all this went on Sam was in the garden alone talking to herself, delivering a monologue to Big Bother.

She declared: "I feel stronger and stronger and stronger. I'm the luckiest person in the world. I feel like the luckiest person in the whole wide world."

Big Brother airs live at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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