Big Brother 2015 RECAP! Day 58 highlights spoilers from Timebomb series

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Here's a spoiler-filled preview of tonight's dramatic Big Brother highlights.

Harry, Joel and Nick are talking about the day and what Big Brother's latest task may be. They deliberate how much money it would take for certain people to leave the house straight away.

Chloe is in the Diary Room. “Things between me and Jack are different now. I’ve lost a little bit of trust for him. I felt like Nick stabbed me in the back. Joel’s acting really different. He won’t stop breaking every rule. Everything the group said Joel does the opposite. I know if there’s a back stabbing task there’d be people who would be clambering all over it.”

Nick, Harry, Joel and Jack are talking about Jack and Harry’s argument the day before. Nick says to Harry, “You wound him up.” Joel agrees with Nick. Harry and Joel start to bicker. Harry gets very angry with Joel and storms off. Nick says, “That was completely my fault.” Harry comes back through the living area and insults Joel. Harry says, “It’s amazing how people start acting when they’ve got a free pass to the final. They start acting like d***heads.” Harry says to Nick, “Joel cheated his way to the final. You bought your way to the final”
Nick and Harry are in the bathroom. Nick apologises to her. Harry is not receptive. Joel comes into the bathroom to speak to Harry. She is annoyed that he won’t leave her alone. She gets out of the bath and leaves.

Chloe and Danny are talking in the bedroom. Danny tells her that he’s noticed she’s been short tempered this week. Chloe say, “I feel let down. Nick, Joel and Jack are the ones who’ve changed the most.” Danny says, “Because they don’t really, they’re willing to sacrifice any of the money.” Chloe, “I thought everyone would stick together.”
Most of the Housemates are in the living area. Jack and Joel are speculating about the prize fund. Joel is asking about hypothetical situations involving the money. Danny tells him to stop saying, “You keep talking about how much you don’t need the money and other people might. When you spend the money on s**t things, you need to think about others.”

The Housemates are gathered in the task room for today’s task. Sam, Jack, Joel and Chloe are randomly chosen to each separately called into the Diary Room and offered five thousand pounds. Chloe and Sam end up with money.

The Housemates are still on the sofa. Chloe asks Danny if he’s annoyed with her. Danny responds, “No, I’m disappointed in some people’s decisions. Everything you’ve argued for in the last week, completely useless now.”

The task is still being talked about in the bedroom. Danny says, “If I took it, I would’ve been disappointed in myself.” Jack says, “I’m buzzing for Chloe.” Danny says, “She’s been on edge all week.” Jack says, “She’s been down my throat all week. I don’t want to be angry with her.”

In the kitchen, Chloe says, “If that was me and I won and everyone else got five grand, I’d be over the moon.”

Jack and Joel are in the sky room talking about Harry putting the money into the prize fund. Joel says, “I really respect Harry. Harry’s a winner, I think.”

Some of the Housemates are in the kitchen. Chloe and Danny still haven’t spoken. Danny comes into the kitchen and sits at the table. He does not talk to Chloe. Chloe leaves the table.

Housemates are gathered for a game where they must describe a housemate with one word. They’ve been given a choice of words. Sam describes Harry as ‘unpredictable’ saying, “Just for shifts in moods”. Chloe describes Danny as superior saying, “You don’t think you’re better than anyone else and that’s your best quality.” They hug. Danny describes Chloe as normal saying, “I’d consider you as my sister. We’ve stuck with being normal.” Chloe is happy. Big Brother announces two suitcases will be returned as a reward. The Housemates must decide which of them will receive their cases. They vote for Harry and Chloe.

Jack is in the bathroom talking about Chloe saying, “I worry about her this week.” Joel says, “I’m not falling out with anyone over money in the last week.”

Big Brother airs from 9PM tonight on Channel5.

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