After 58 days the Big Brother housemates realise they're in a game show

Big Brother

It's 58 days into Big Brother 2015 and it's taken the Cash Bomb twist for the housemates to realise they're in a game show.

It's after Chloe Wilburn showed her true colours, pinching £5,00 from the prize fund for herself.

The decision has caused a bit of a rethink by some of the other housemates with Danny Wisker having been particularly shocked by Chloe's decision.

In a chat between the guys after the latest cash bomb twist, Joel concluded: "It is a game show isn't it?"

Danny said: "You can't really complain about what people do do, we kind of lived together for a long time and are 'pally' but it is a game show."

Cristian agreed: "You've got to remind yourself you're in a game show."

However Jack remarked: "I could've done the game show thing and put myself to the final twice, it's difficult that I've made friends."

Joel continued: "I think everyone entering expecting just the winner to win."

Cristian then suggested he may be after something more from the show than the prize money.

"Is it a game show where just the winner wins money? It's not really, it's just a process where just the winner that wins money, other people who win money through the process," he said. "We didn't come into this process knowing that only the winner is going to win money, you know what other people are going to win."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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