Big Brother 2015 housemates win £21,000 towards the prize fund

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Housemates have won £21,000 towards the Big Brother prize fund, taking the current total to £72,100.

Yesterday saw the group begin a test of endurance and stamina in the garden.

Each housemate had to hoist one of eight money bags above their heads and hold it there as long as possible.

The money bags added up to £25,000 however each one was worth a different amount: It could be £0, the full £25,000 or anywhere in-between.

HOWEVER, what the housemates don't know is that the value of each money bag wasn't random.

It had been assigned in secret by Chloe in a previous chat with Big Brother in the Diary Room where she had to pick how much money each housemate would be playing for based on who she thought would be the most likely to pass or fail the task.

The amounts awarded were:

£0 Chloe
£0 Jack
£10,000 Cristian
£6,000 Danny
£5,000 Sam
£1,000 Joel
£1,000 Nick
£2,000 Harry

Chloe dropped her money bag shortly after the task began, safe in the knowledge it would have no impact on the outcome.

A series of temptations then began starting with ice cream, which saw his bag fall followed by Harry's.

Jack then received a phone call from home but carried on, unaware that Chloe had made his bag worth nothing.

There was then the temptation of suitcases which Big Brother confiscated following the weekend's rebellion.

Come the end of the day and both Danny and Cristian were still hanging on before agreeing to give up together.

Those that kept their bag in the air for enough time (at least 6 hours 30 minutes) were Danny, Cristian and Sam and so £21,000 was added to the prize pot.

BBUK airs from 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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