Big Brother 2015 FIGHT! It kicks off in the house with a brutal row

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Who said Big Brother would be boring with Marc O'Neill having gone?

An almighty row broke out in the house Monday evening following the latest cash bomb twist... and more stirring from Big brother.

The housemates were given the chance to win some more money for the prize fund by correctly guessing the answers to a viewer vote from the Channel 5 website.

In one round, Chloe was asked who the public had voted the least untrustworthy housemate and picked Jack: "I believe for the last eight weeks you've been one person and this week you've been slightly different."

It was the right answer but Jack was NOT happy about it.

"I don't mind you picking me, I feel those comments are unfair," a fuming Jack told Chloe. "The public can vote for me being untrustworthy but the fact that I've looked after you... twice I could've f**ked you over and I didn't... You keep saying I'm this and that."

Chloe snapped: "I think you've changed and obviously the public do to because you got voted the least trustworthy."

She added: "I got the answer right, I'm sorry had to chose you, I'm sorry that the public think that, I'm sorry I think that."

The pair then began to bicker over whether or not Chloe's apology was genuine or not before Harry Amelia came in to have a go at Jack.

It caused him to shout at her: "Harry, I'm having a discussion, you do this when people talk over you, I'm talking to her [Chloe]."

Harry hit back: "I'll get involved if I want to get involved."

Chloe and Jack's row quickly engulfed the whole house as Danny also joined in to pull away an angry Harry from the situation telling her to "come away," but she battled back.

Nick then ALSO got involved as he took the opportunity to point out Harry had complained about people interrupting her only days ago.

"Harry, what do you do when people do this to you?" he said, as Harry continued to pester Jack, who told her: "Harry, I'm talking!"

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Perhaps the reason why tensions were so high was that after all of the tasks to win prize money today the group only managed to increase it to £51,300.

Tonight's highlights show is going to be a good one, airing from 10PM on Channel 5.

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