Big Brother 2015: Latest cash bomb twist causes rows and divides the house

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The Big Brother housemates spent this evening rowing after the latest Cash Bomb twist was revealed.

Big Brother told the group earlier today that each of the housemates will be set a challenge over the next 24 hours in which they could win some cash towards the total but fail and the prize fund stays the same.

The first task saw Nick and Harry split up. They were told that in order to boost the prize money they had to stay apart in different rooms and must not communicate with one another until further notice.

Then Jack took on the chilli challenge, although was left angry after winning just £5 for the prize pot.

For dinner, Big Brother laid on a banquet of delicious takeaways including McDonalds, Fish and Chips, KFC, Subway and Chinese... not a burned pizza in sight!

Big Brother told the group that if the housemates did NOT eat anything, they'd win the amount of money hidden in the golden envelope in the garden for the prize fund.

Not knowing how much was at stake, the group were split.

Jack and Joel were keen to tuck in but Chloe was adamant that the money was more important.

Danny stayed firmly on the fence, stating: "There will be £100 in that [the envelope]... I'm undecided, I'll go with whatever the group says."

Cristian remarked: "At the end of the day, there could be £100,000."

Joel declared: "I want to eat that," but Sam claimed he "shouldn't be included" following Sunday's £2,500 pizza kerfuffle.

"Crack on then billy big b*****ks," snapped an angry Chloe. "It's a team, we are a team."

"I am my own person, I want to eat that," Joel replied.

Later, Sam and Chloe retreated to the sky room with Danny to have a good bitch about Joel only for him to overhear.

"If I've got an opinion I'm going to say it," he told the group before an argument over the prize money broke out.

With Joel having said the prize didn't bother him, Danny told Joel: "Other people might need the money, just because you don't need the money doesn't mean everyone else don't need the money."

Chloe complained that Joel was making out she was "fixated" with the cash, claiming - as if us viewers aren't watching - that she DIDN'T moan about Joel's pizza incident or Nick's choice to put her up for eviction.

"You're making out that we're money mad," Chloe added.

Big Brother continues Tuesday night at 10PM on Channel 5.

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