Big Brother 2015 update: More cash bomb twists, hair ball gate and a huge fight

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Here are all of the latest Big Brother goings on from the past 24 hours and it's been a very busy time in the house.

- The group were startled from their sleep at just after 8AM to be told they had to immediately gather on the sofas with their microphones or risk the prize money falling.

- It was one of many money based challenges of the day as Jack was later offered cash to boost the prize fund in return for cutting his dressing gown into 100 pieces.

- Nick and Harry split up for their cash bomb challenge, being told they could not speak or even be in the same room in order to increase the prize money

- A heated debate saw the housemates argue over the big question of this year's series: Who's posher, Nick or Joel?

- Jack took on Big Brother's chilli challenge but was not at all happy after BB revealed it was just for £5 towards the prize money.

- Joel and Cristian got into a bizarre row over a ball of Sam's HAIR. "You need to behave yourself now, you're acting out of order," Cristian snapped as Joel tried to put in his bed.

- In the evening the latest Cashbomb twist split the house and caused tension as housemates were tempted by KFC, McDonalds and more.

- But those rows were nothing compared to the huge fight involving the whole house shortly afterwards, with things kicking off after Big Brother stirred it up with the final Cash Bomb twist of the night.

- Big Brother airs tonight from 10PM on Channel 5.

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