Big Brother 2015: Nick Henderson and Harry Amelia split up to win cash in latest twist

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It's Day Three of Big Brother's Cash Bomb twist and this morning the housemates got a very rude awakening.

The group were startled from their sleep at just after 8AM to be told they had to immediately gather on the sofas with their microphones.

For each housemate who didn't reach the sofas within 60 seconds the prize fund would decrease by £1,000.

After much scrambling all eight of those remaining got to the living area on time, preserving the prize fund which currently stands at £45,900.

Big Brother then informed the housemates that for the next part of the Cash Bomb twist there would be chances to win more money towards the prize fund.

Each of the housemates will be set a challenge over the next 24 hours in which they could win some cash towards the total but fail and the prize fund stays the same.

The first task saw Nick and Harry split up. They were told that in order to boost the prize money they had to stay apart in different rooms and must not communicate with one another until further notice.

However the task immediately prompted a row between the pair after Nick jokingly said he was pleased to get away from Harry.

He brushed it off as "banter" but Harry was might annoyed, ranting to Cristian: "I'm f**ked off, he's disrespecting me."

Harry then remembered that she was unable to confront Nick herself so asked: "Please can you have a go at him?"

Big Brother continues at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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