Big Brother 2015: Joel Williams gets a burned pizza for £2,500


Joel Williams has found out the hard way to be careful what you wish for when it comes to Big Brother.

The wannabe Prime Minister made a deal with Big Brother for pizza in return for knocking £2,500 of the prize fund, which now stands at £45,900.

"I'll just explain myself , you'll never believe what happened..." he told the other housemates as he exited the Diary Room and revealed all.

"They said would you like to lift the lid and there was a pizza under it, and it's frozen," Joel said, showing off his rock hard ready meal to the group.

"Do you know you're going to look really bad, right? You're going to look like a ****" Cristian remarked.

Sam reacted: "£2,500 for that? That's not funny, that's like a car. That was the most ridiculous suggestion you can't even justify it, that was a f**king joke."

Jack quipped: "I hope you enjoy your pizza, it's going to be the best bloody pizza."

Joel concluded: "I am, it's a £2,500 pizza."

However after one prankster in house turned the temperature of the oven up, Joel was left with little more than some charred dough to show for the £2,500.

Earlier today Big Brother took part in the first part of this week's cash based Time Bomb, Cash Bomb nominations which saw four put up for eviction while the prize fund dipped by £15,900.

You can watch all of the cash bomb highlights and fallout from 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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