Big Brother 2015 spoilers: Cash Bomb nominations twist revealed

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Big Brother 2015's Cash Bomb twist has kicked off in the house tonight.

After being locked in the bedroom in the afternoon, the housemates returned to the main house to see that the living room had been emptied of all furniture; only a single podium with a red button remained in the centre.

Big Brother then told the housemates to remain silent as they stood around the podium, warning they'd face monetary consequences and automatically facing the public vote if they failed to obey instructions.

Big Brother then introduced the rather convoluted Cash Bomb twist, explaining that nominations were set to begin.

Throughout the next 24 hours, the podium will become active at random points at which point the prize fund of £150,000 would decrease to £0, as shown on the plasma screen.

When active, housemates must decide whether or not to let the money countdown or for one of them to push the button.

If a housemate pushes the button, the countdown freezes, and that housemate is also made immune from being nominated BUT they then also have to nominate someone to automatically face eviction.

The process will then continue until nominations are over.

Big Brother explained that a housemate who has been nominated can still press the button, although they would not benefit from immunity. Furthermore, each housemate can only be nominated the one time and press the button once.

If no housemate presses the button then prize money will all be gone.

Big Brother concluded: "Big Brother's decision is final."

The Big Brother cash bomb will air on Sunday night's show on Channel 5 runs all this week with a series of money-based tasks and temptations.

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