Big Brother 2015: Joel Williams and Jack McDermott row over prize money

Big Brother

Joel Williams and Jack McDermott have clashed over the Big Brother prize money, even before the Cash Bomb twist.

The pair kicked off in the house yesterday ahead of the eviction after Joel posed a hypothetical dilemma.

Perhaps sensing the impending Big Brother cash bomb twist, Joel told the other housemates: "If someone gave me the choice between winning the competition or walking out now with £150,000, I'd win."

Jack was quick to declare: "That's bulls**t, that's such bulls**t, why would you say that? You're doing this purely just to aid yourself, why would you say that? That's bulls**t."

Joel replied: "If I was going to aid myself I'd be being so controversial I know I'd get myself to the final.

"Put £150,000 grand there and take away the ability to win for you to go out I'd say no."

Jack claimed: "Everyone else would, I would... you're lying."

Joel snapped: "Don't tell me that I'm lying, what right do you have to tell me I'm lying? Why would you tell me that I'm lying? How am I lying?"

"Because you are lying," was Jack's less than useful response. "Are you telling me you wouldn't walk out a door if there were £150 grand in a briefcase right there?

Joel insisted: "I'd rather win because I love winning than have the cash."

The pair then bickered over whether or not Nick would do the same, with Jack saying he believed Nick would snub the cash but continued to suggest that Joel would not.

It led back again to Joel quizzing Jack on why he thought he wasn't telling the truth with Jack stating: "'Cause I do."

He added: "You bring these **** questions up a lot and give the moral answer, you do it every time, it's bulls**t and I'm calling you out on it."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the first of the Cash Bomb shows beginning Sunday night.

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