Big Brother 2015 fight! Housemates explode in row over croissants

bbuk jack joel fight 2

Cheese, potato wedges and now croissants: Food has once again been the cause of a huge argument in the Big Brother house .

And this one got nasty as Joel Williams lost his cool with Jack McDermott.

It began as the Hotel BB task neared its conclusion but with the staff getting seriously annoyed and tired, tensions were high.

Sam Kay declared: "I've f**king had enough!" after cleaning the floor only for it to be messed up minutes later.

Marc O'Neill then tried to cause trouble by pushing a croissant into Jack's mouth, before he pretended to eat a bit.

It caused Joel and Chloe Wilburn to go off on one, with Joel complaining: "Why are you doing this for goodness sake, we've had a three day task, we've been luxury, you haven't.

"If you want to be eating chickpeas and rice for the next seven days be my guest but everyone has worked hard and you're not gong to ruin it for everyone else."

Joel then proceeded to snatch the croissant out of Jack's hand prompting him to declare: "F**k it I'll just eat it," to cheers from Nick, Marc and James amongst others.

Joel reacted angrily, throwing a load of pastries at Jack.

"Feel good, does it?" asked Chloe sarcastically.

Jack replied: "Feels lovely, the amount of s**t I've taken from you in the last few days. You pushed me to that."

Joel then raged: "Well have some grapes," seemingly throwing them at Jack as well.

The argument prompted a mini-rebellion amongst the staff although Jack insisted that he hadn't "quit" the task.

When Danny Wisker found out, his aggressive side came to the surface once more as he barked at Jack: "You're a ****! You've wasted all the hard work."

Cristian said: "Jack, you've just ruined the task. I've worked so hard on this task the one thing I'm really p***ed off is that I really wanted to pass the task."

bbuk jack joel fight 1

Aisleyne, who yesterday became a staff member of the hotel, surprisingly went against Danny and Cristian and defended Jack, shouting: "Everyone's been cheating!"

Meanwhile, Sam splashed around in the pool, Nick flailed around in the garden while Marc was kicking over parts of the Hotel's furnishings.

The latest highlights from the task air at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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