Big Brother 2015: Helen Wood gets brutal... and what does Sarah Greewood have to say?

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Big Brother loudmouth Helen Wood has been getting brutal about her former housemates online.

Last year's champ left the house on Friday night to a sea of boos, not that it seemed to bother her at all.

And Helen's been watching the show ever since, adding some rather honest commentary to the highlights on Twitter.

Backing only Joel and Marc, Helen wrote in one message during last night's episode: "Apparently I was a brown noser for findin "Dublin banter"hilarious, Nope, just not a boring t**t unlike the majority."

She added: "Anyone else think this kind of treatment is bullyin? how many slagging off just 1 person as well as talking absolute s**t? #BBMarc #BBUK"

Helen also tweeted about Nikki: "Dont waste your breath on the lyin gimp. The girl ripped her own Nan off, then Jack announced it to the group. Awks"

The reigning BB winner later retweeted a message from another user showing Nikki's porn past.

"Well well well, what do we have here @Nikki_Grahame1 how you found the nerve to slate me & Harri is a joke! Wow," Helen remarked.

Not too surprisingly, Helen's been getting plenty of abuse from 'haters' but insisted: "Aha it's not all that bad, for every k**b head I have about 50 lovely people, it's a good balance."

Helen and Nikki's rowing rumbled on throughout yesterday as Helen hit out with a number of claims that Nikki responded to late last night, also on Twitter.

Meanwhile, former BB16 housemate Sarah Greenwood has used the social networking website to make a cryptic comment about Danny Wisker's flirting with Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

She tweeted a clip from her VT, saying: "Just realised I already commented on this situation, #TeamDanny read between the lines people."

In the VT, Sarah says: "I'm not a jealous person, I'm pretty content in myself to know you can't do much better than me so go and do what you want."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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