Big Brother 2015: Helen Wood claims Brian Belo is the bully

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Helen Wood has claimed it's Brian Brian who is the Big Brother bully after she left the house.

It was Simon Gross who left the Big Brother 2015 house tonight having been one of EIGHT housemates to face eviction this week.

But that wasn't the only exit as both Helen and Nikki Grahame also leaving after two weeks.

Helen was first out and was met by a sea of boos as she walked down the stairs... not that she seemed to care.

Speaking to host Emma Willis after her exit, Helen said: "It was more difficult than last year, the house is a lot younger, I've never been around so many sensitive people. It is a difficult house, a lot more harder than last year."

She continued: "I got asked to do it again, it was a big honour to go in there and do it but I did enjoy my time. I found this year a bit more difficult because of all the lies."

Helen insisted she didn't intend "to come off even worse" than last year, before discussing Brian Belo with Emma.

"I think Brian is a bully himself, he made every single opportunity he got to say something horrible to me, he blamed me and Marc for everything," Helen claimed. "I'd say Brian's a force as well, it takes me a lot to be unnerved by someone, he is very disturbing to be around. With him, you never knew where you were. He'd snap over absolutely everything. Over a pair of straighteners he'd explode."

On her comments that sent Brian over the fence: "The comments were outrageous... [but] he said things to me on various occasions but because I didn't cry about it, it was okay."

Helen branded Nikki "fake" and accused: "She's slept for nearly two weeks, she acts like a diva, I thought I was going to see this massive personality but she's not. She only showed this personality when there was a task."

Finally, Helen backed Joel or Marc to win for being "consistent" housemates.

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace remains in the house with Big Brother continuing nightly on Channel 5.

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