Big Brother 2015: Helen Wood and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace have clashed already

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

Helen Wood and Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace have clashed in the Big Brother house. Yes, already.

Surprising no one, despite the pair both vowing to ignore one another, it took just hours for it to all kick off.

Chatting in the toilet on their own, Helen spent the evening first saying she was going to avoid kicking off.

While Marc said he'd be 'giving Aisleyne a chance' saying he didn't know her, Helen was convinced the new entrant was out to get her.

"She's going to turn everyone against me, but I've got two days," Helen told Marc. "I'm not bitching with you but I know exactly what her game is and I've got two days to live it.

"I'm staying away from that b***h... I need to avoid her like the plague."

However in the Big Brother house you can't avoid someone for that long and the two came to blows in the smoking area.

Aisleyne declared: "I don't want to come into this house and breathe negativity.... so let's leave it, this is negative and making people feel awkward."

It was a remark Helen took exception to following Aisleyne's entrance in which she had branded her the "spawn of Satan" and a "basic b***h".

"You walk in and threw a a present and said 'basic b***h' and all that," Helen responded. "So it's fine for you?"

"I do what I want," Aisleyne said.

"Well I do what I want and I don't appreciate this, just so we know where we f**king stand," Helen snapped. She continued: "You're the one who came in here and started that, which I laughed off, but don't sit there and saying 'I care, I don't want people to feel like...'"

Aisleyne said: "Big Brother is an experience for everyone and it should be the happiest experience of their life..."

Helen interrupted "Another Nelson Mandela speech, brilliant! I know how you are..."

But Aisleyne hit back: "I'm bored now, conversation done. You can shout at me and talk at me but I'm not responding."

Helen concluded, confusingly: "I don't even know you well enough for me to shout at you."

You can watch all the latest Big Brother action including Aisleyne's entrance from 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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